Waiting in lines. Walking through airports. Shopping for groceries or even strolling through the park. These activities are not always easy, even for a fairly mobile person – but they can be with the help of SmartScoot ™.

SmartScoot ™ is a lightweight and foldable scooter for someone who leads an active lifestyle, but may need a hand getting around from time to time. It is easy to use, easy to fold, and most importantly, easy to transport and store. Weighing only 40 pounds when fully assembled, SmartScoot ™ can break down into smaller and lighter parts and will comfortably fit into almost any vehicle trunk, allowing you to take it anywhere. With up to 12 miles worth of battery power in a single charge, SmartScoot ™ will never leave you in a bind.

SmartScoot ™ incorporates comfort into its design with an adjustable seat and steering column that can accommodate almost any body type. Adjustable rear wheels also add an extra touch of stability to your ride.

Sometimes a little help can go a long way. With SmartScoot ™, tasks that were once a struggle can now become a stress-free part of everyday life.

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