Brendan S. maintains his independence and travels with SmartScoot

SmartScoot™ is a folding, compact scooter that helps anyone with mobility difficulties accomplish daily activities and maintain their independence. SmartScoot’s design includes adjustable wheel width and the ability to fold down into a compact, easy-to-store package that can fit in nearly every size trunk. The SmartScoot mobility scooter is lightweight and perfect for traveling.

Brendan S. has been able to accomplish daily tasks and easily travel despite his declining mobility thanks to SmartScoot. Brendan’s daughter, Molly, shared his story:

“My dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, and over the course of the last 5 years his mobility has been declining and it becomes more difficult for him to walk. As you can imagine, that takes an enormous toll on him and his everyday life.

I can honestly say SmartScoot has changed his life, and the life of our family. He is able to lead a normal, everyday life, and now that he is retired it is more important than ever that he maintain his independence. He’s able to go to the grocery store without worrying about falling, able to walk up to a local restaurant with my mom and he was able to go on a family reunion trip to Ireland without skipping a beat!

I can’t thank the team enough- from the innovators, to operations, to customer support, what you are doing each day is making a huge impact on people’s lives.”

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