Can I fly Delta Airlines with the SmartScoot ™ travel scooter?


Yes. Delta Airlines allows passengers to travel with foldable electric mobility aids powered by lithium ion (li-ion) batteries. SmartScoot ™ travel scooters meet Delta’s limit of 300 watt-hours for such batteries. Rated at 288 watt-hours, SmartScoot ™ travel scooters also meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for traveling with such devices. Be sure to be aware that this must be checked and plan your arrival time at the airport accordingly.

The FAA recently issued an interim rule banning the transportation of lithium-ion cells and batteries as cargo on passenger flights, however, this new rule does not affect individuals’ ability to carry lithium ion devices on flights or your ability to travel with your SmartScoot™ mobility scooter. You can click here to learn more about this regulation. To learn more about the specs behind SmartScoot’s lithium-ion battery, click here.

You can download the battery compliance certificate here for SmartScoot ™ travel scooters and take it with you on your next flight.

Delta staff will need to check the rating to approve the battery for travel: “Battery must be able to be visually inspected and disconnected.” Not a problem since li-ion batteries made after Jan 1, 2009, are required to be marked with a watt-hour rating.

SmartScoot ™ travel scooters have a battery that is also easily removed. Just slide the battery holder latch and disconnect the battery cord to remove the battery. Carefully slide up the battery pack and remove. You can take the battery with you on the plane but request a gate check tag to leave the SmartScoot™ mobility scooter at the end of the jetway. It will be waiting for you outside the aircraft doors when you land.

Delta agents and attendants are also “available to help passengers before boarding, in the air and at the destination airport.” To request special assistance, call 404-209-3434. Or for help with your mobility device, you can complete Delta’s online handling form.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also offers a helpline for travelers who need special assistance. You should call the TSA Cares helpline 3 days before departure with questions about screening policies and what to expect at the security checkpoint. Travelers requiring extra assistance can also request a passenger support specialist help them at the airport.