Can I take my SmartScoot™ electric scooter on American Airlines?


The SmartScoot™ makes American Airlines’ approved list of mobility aids. The electric scooter was designed to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for traveling with mobility scooters and lithium-ion batteries.

American Airlines staff also can help stow or retrieve your battery for you. And your SmartScoot™ will be waiting for you when you deplane.

The airline offers pre-boarding, deplaning and airport assistance. You can call in advance to request special assistance. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also offers a helpline for travelers who need extra support.  You should call the TSA Cares helpline 3 days before departure with questions about screening policies and what to expect at the security checkpoint. Travelers requiring extra assistance can also request a passenger support specialist to help them at the airport.

The scooter’s battery is rated at 288 watt-hours and contains less than 25 grams of lithium content. Weighing only 40 pounds when fully assembled, it breaks down into smaller, lightweight parts. Ask for a gate check tag, ride your SmartScoot™ electric scooter to the end of the jetway and leave it there. Fold down the steering column, remove the battery and bring it with you on the plane.

You can download the SmartScoot ™battery compliance certificate here and take it with you on your next flight.