SmartScoot™ Compact, Folding Mobility Scooter

Smartscoot 015 folded position 1

SmartScoot™ is one of the lightest folding mobility scooters! There are always many factors to consider when choosing a folding mobility scooter. What configuration do you prefer, three-wheeled or four-wheeled? What options and features do you need or want? What type of battery does it use, how long will it last? SmartScoot™ has written a short guide explaining differences between 3 popular scooter brands. When you choose the right mobile scooter for your lifestyle, you will be amazed that you can go almost anywhere. Many people enjoy travel, outings and daily activities.

As you can see in this video – this compact, folding mobility scooter is easy to fold and put away in a trunk. Unlike many competitors, storing SmartScoot is easy and takes just seconds:


Taking it out and getting ready to go is just as easy. Because the SmartScoot™ is so light, virtually anyone can set up the SmartScoot and be ready to go! The heaviest part is just 27 lbs. after removing the seat and battery.

And, gone is the need for an expensive and bulky external lift for your car. The SmartScoot ™ fits in almost any trunk and all SUV’s. You aren’t restricted to driving only your car; you can now travel with your friends and family.

Stability is always an important factor in power scooter choice. It is a key part of your buying decision to understand whether you need a mobility scooter or a medically approved device for people with mobility disabilities.One option is to choose a heavier traditional four-wheeled mobility scooter if stability is a possible issue or if you are confined to a seated position by a disability. Many heavier four-wheeled scooters are FDA/Medicare approved as ‘power mobility devices’. If your lifestyle demands a lightweight, foldable mobility scooter, choosing a three-wheeled scooter with an adjustable rear wheelbase like SmartScoot enables both versatility and stability.