Comparing Mobile Scooters – Mobility Scooter Brands and Features

What features should I look for in a mobility scooter?

When looking to compare mobile scooters, there are a number of important factors to consider. What configuration makes the most sense, a three-wheeled scooter or a four-wheeled scooter? What power scooter options and features are available in the market? Another important consideration with an electric mobility scooter is the scooter battery. What type of battery is it and how long will the power scooter battery last? We hope to enlighten you on some of the best features for electric mobility scooters and help you choose the right one for you.

Weight, Foldability & Disassembly

The SmartScoot™ is among one of the lightest models of electric mobility scooters on the market, weighing in at 39 lbs. This is due in part to the use of powerful lightweight lithium-ion batteries instead of heavier traditional sealed lead-acid batteries. SmartScoot’s sleek, minimal design contributes to its position as the most versatile, lightweight mobility scooter for travel.

Choosing a folding mobility scooter is a great way to ensure that it is easier for you to transport and take with you on-the-go. SmartScoot and some other mobility scooter brands are able to be folded in the assembled configuration.

Mobility scooters that can be easily disassembled are also better for those hoping to take them wherever they go. SmartScoot and various other mobility scooter brands’ models have quick disassembly options for easier storage and transportation. When disassembled, SmartScoot disassembles into 3 pieces with the heaviest piece weighing 27 lbs.


While SmartScoot is designed for those with an active lifestyle, it was also designed with travel in mind. SmartScoot meets all FAA regulations for air travel with mobile scooters and even comes with a power scooter battery compliance certificate to show to airline officials for a smooth travel experience.

When you are flying or going on a cruise, the width and storage size of a power scooter becomes more important than at home. SmartScoot’s design allows for easy storage in a cruise cabin with limited space. Its tight turning radius also accommodates for the tight hallways and entryways on cruises.

One of our customers even created their own personal blog documenting their travels with their SmartScoot mobility scooter. You could do the same! 

Scooter Battery

The SmartScoot™ leverages a 5 lb lithium-ion battery that offers up to 12 miles of range, while still complying with FAA regulations for air travel. Other electric mobility scooter brands do not offer this high of a range at this low of a weight. Some models only offer lead-acid batteries which are much heavier than lithium-ion batteries and provide much less range in comparison.

Front-Wheel vs Rear-Wheel Drive – 3 or 4 wheels

The SmartScoot™ is a three-wheeled scooter and stands out as the only model with front-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive is a significant asset for stability when dealing with inclines because the front wheel is ‘pulling’ you up the incline instead of being ‘pushed’ by rear wheels with no power to help steer the front wheel. The rear wheels are adjustable for 4 additional inches of width, depending on where you are using the SmartScoot and your stability comfort.

Extra Features

Some of the main features that are comparable amongst mus and our competitors are the ‘comfort adjustments’ that you can make, the ability to fold the scooter for quick storage and the speed adjustment controls.

SmartScoot allows for adjustments to numerous parts of the scooter for the comfort of the rider. This includes the seat height, backrest, steering column, and wheel width. SmartScoot can fold for quick storage, with its lightweight design and easy disassembly for allowing storage quickly in a trunk or other small space. And with a maximum speed of 7 mph (adjustable from 3 mph), SmartScoot provides the highest maximum speed and largest bandwidth for adjustment.