FAA and airline guidance on traveling with mobility scooters


SmartScoot ™ was designed to comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for traveling with mobility scooters and lithium ion batteries. SmartScoot ™ uses a lithium ion battery rated at 288 watt hours and containing less than 25 grams equivalent lithium content (click the links here for the MSDS Report and UN38.3 Lithium Battery Test Report).

You can download the SmartScoot ™battery compliance certificate here and take it with you on your next flight.

Ask the agent at the gate for a gate check tag, ride SmartScoot ™ to the end of the jetway, fold down the steering column and secure it with the velcro strap, remove the battery and take the battery and accessories with you on the plane.  When you deplane, the scooter will be waiting for you right outside the door of the plane.

Mobility Scooters on different Airlines

We collected links per airline and information provided by the FAA containing guidance on traveling with mobility scooters and Lithium-Ion batteries. As you can see you should be able to take your SmartScoot ™ mobility scooter on your next flight!

Air Canada

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines: SmartScoot ™ is on American Airline’s list of approved mobility aids.

Delta Airlines (click “Wheelchair Services” and then “Personal Wheelchair Services”)

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

FAA guidance (scroll down to (17) A wheelchair or other mobility aid equipped with a lithium ion battery, when carried as checked baggage)

Code of Federal Regulations requirements for airlines