Gone Fishing – with the SmartScoot™ Mobility Scooter!


Without his SmartScoot™ power scooter Vincent Calhoun believes it may have taken all day to get to the end  of the pier where he likes to fish. Calhoun, 76, has used his SmartScoot™ to catch whiting and catfish at such places as Tybee Island in Georgia and Amelia by the Sea in north Florida.

“I was always a rapid walker and very active guy – hunting, fishing, flying airplanes – and busy physically. Now all that is impossible, but I can use the SmartScoot™ to go pier fishing!”

The SmartScoot™ power scooter is known for its ability to maneuver. It also can hold a small carry-on bag on its luggage rack along with other items in its foldable basket. But Calhoun, whose arterial sclerosis affects his ability to walk, has modified his SmartScoot™ to be the perfect fishing mobility scooter. With the tweaks he made to the device, it can carry all his fishing gear including pole, nets, tackle box and bucket.

When it comes to pier fishing, Calhoun finds that storage space is key. He rigged the SmartScoot™ basket by bending it with pliers to hold more weight without collapsing. The adjustments allow the basket to hold his heavy tackle box, bait containers, hand towels and fishing tools.fishing-smartscoot

“Using the basket keeps needed items handy and keeps the wind from blowing away needed supplies. When underway in transit, the basket is emptied and closed. Everything is stored in the small tackle box and placed under the SmartScoot ™ seat and rests atop the control box. The bottom of the tackle box and the top of the SmartScoot™ have been fitted with outdoor velcro strips so if you set the tackle box under the seat, it grips strongly and won’t come off.”


power scooter fishingCalhoun has created other handy accessory holders too. He used PVC pipe to craft a hook that he secured to the back of the scooter seat using zip ties. He hangs his crabbing net, rope and bucket on the hook and secures the collapsible telescopic surf and pier casting pole he made with another PVC ring attached to the seat back. The pole rests in the bucket, he said.

His next challenge, he says, is to attach his ice chest to the front luggage carrier with rubber bungee cords.

The power scooter is also well equipped to drive on non-traditional surfaces such as a wooden pier, Calhoun said. “The ride can a bit bumpy at times, so you combat that by reducing your speed.” Some piers have smooth paved areas like at Tybee Island, he said. But stay away from beach areas where loose sand can cause the scooter to lose traction and slip or slide.

Calhoun proves the classic adage: where’s there’s a will, there’s a way. And with a little ingenuity, SmartScoot™ allows you to go where you want to enjoy your regular activities.

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