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SmartScootTM Mobility Scooters – Scooter Shipping Rate

SmartScoot’s lightweight, foldable, mobility scooters are enjoyed by people all over the world. From the UK to Singapore, mobility difficulties are a fact of life for many people. The mobility scooter industry is filled with heavy, difficult scooters that have little versatility. SmartScoot provides the solution.

SmartScoot mobility scooters help people with active lifestyles continue activity despite a mobility issue. With a maximum speed of 7mph, adjustable from 3mph, SmartScoot provides the ability to cruise at maximum speed and a large bandwidth for speed adjustment. The SmartScoot leverages a 5lb lithium-ion scooter battery with up to 12 miles of range for your mobile scooter. The SmartScoot™ lightweight, mobility scooter weighs slightly less than 40 pounds when fully assembled. Its heaviest piece is 27 pounds when disassembled for storage, making it easy to fold and stow in a car or at home.

SmartScoot ships internationally from the continental United States to Australia*, Chile, Canada, France, Germany, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Israel, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the UAE and the UK.


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  • All shipments sent by FedEx International where dangerous goods shipments are allowed.
  • Expedited rates available upon request – call (855-726-6866 x 1).
  • International Orders will take up to 48 hours to process.
  • Tracking will be sent on day of shipment directly from FedEx.
  • Signature will be required for delivery.
  • Tax and Duty (where applicable) to be paid by the customer. 

*Lithium-ion batteries are considered dangerous goods for international orders and must be shipped separately from the scooter itself.

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