Keeping up with loved ones and furry friends with SmartScoot™

Living with mobility difficulties can make day-to-day tasks, like cooking or walking the dog, more taxing than they used to be. Mobility aids, including power scooters, help ease some of that difficulty. SmartScoot™ understands your challenges and designed a mobility scooter for those who want to maintain their active lifestyles through mobility difficulties. 

You can see in the photo above and video below that our customer, Mark, has a blast spending time with his dog, Tia, thanks to SmartScoot!

The SmartScoot™ mobility scooter is a great tool for running errands. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or taking your cat to the veterinarian, you can bring your SmartScoot™ along with you. SmartScoot™ fits in the trunk of most cars and, at 40 lbs, is easy to lift. What’s more, this portable scooter is foldable and designed for easy disassembly, ensuring that anyone can transport this device. The SmartScoot™ leverages a 5 lb lithium-ion battery that offers up to 12 miles of range, which means that you won’t ever be stranded in the back of the store like you might be on a motorized shopping cart. 

You can also use your mobility scooter to spend quality time with family and friends, doing the activities you love doing together. Your SmartScoot™ comes with three different speed settings which go as high as 7 mph, which means you can comfortably keep up with any of your pets. Your scooter can also handle a number of terrains. While SmartScoot™ recommends remaining on paved surfaces as much as possible, its scooters are able to handle rides through grass, unlike other scooters. That makes the SmartScoot™ great for joining in on a variety of outdoor activities, whether that’s exploring trails with the dogs or a trip to the pet store. 

SmartScoot™ mobility scooters were designed with travel in mind. The SmartScoot™ meets all FAA regulations for air travel with mobility scooters and lithium-ion batteries. You don’t have to get off your SmartScoot™ until you check it at the gate, making it even easier to travel with your pet! Its compact and lightweight design makes the SmartScoot™ easy to maneuver. You’ll also find that your mobility scooter comes in handy on trips, ensuring you can make the most out of wherever you go, without any discomfort.

Spending time with your furry friends is always rewarding. SmartScoot™ understands how important it is to maintain your lifestyle through your mobility difficulties. That’s why we’ve designed a mobility scooter that you can bring with you anywhere, from the pet store to walking trails to the dog park. To learn more about our customers’ experiences with SmartScoot™, check out our testimonials, or read up on our FAQs. To purchase your SmartScoot™, visit our online store.