SmartScoot™ compact, folding mobility scooter in Australia

Do you like flying to exotic destinations, visiting the park or taking a relaxing cruise? Many people enjoy travel, outings and daily activities. You do not have to let a mobility difficulty repress you. SmartScoot™ mobile scooters are designed to be versatile and allow you to be as active as you want to be. A compact, lightweight, folding scooter can be a crucial tool. Unlike a full-size powerchair, a compact, folding scooter allows you to easily take it with you in the car, on planes or cruise ships. Lightweight scooters may be smaller than a full-size power chair, but they are heavy-duty and boast a full weight capacity. A heavy-duty, compact scooter is an excellent tool for getting around, especially for people who have difficulty walking extended distances.

There are always many factors to consider when choosing a folding mobility scooter. When you choose the right mobile scooter for your lifestyle, you will be amazed that you can go almost anywhere. What configuration do you prefer, three-wheeled or four-wheeled? What options and features do you want or need? What type of battery does it use and how long will it last? SmartScoot™ has written a short guide explaining differences between 3 popular scooter brands.

Mobility Scooters in Australia

The Australian Road Rules state that a person using a mobility scooter is classed as a pedestrian if the maximum speed on level ground cannot exceed 10 km/h (below 6.2mph – low or medium setting for SmartScooot). As such the rider:

  • Must observe the same road rules that apply to pedestrians;
  • Must not obstruct the path of any driver or other road users;
  • Must not travel along a road if there is a footpath or nature strip adjacent to the road unless it is impracticable to travel on the footpath or nature strip;
  • Can use shared paths, off-road bike paths and shopping malls;
  • Does not need to have a driver’s license;
  • If traveling along a road must:
    • Keep as far to the side of the road as possible;
    • Travel facing the approaching traffic unless it is not practicable to do so;

Roz is a SmartScoot customer in Australia who has written us a testimonial. She has had great success using the SmartScoot to overcome the mobility difficulties of her MS. Shipping costs to Australia are covered on this page. Contact us with any additional questions!