Portable scooters help you remain independent

Cy in Grocery with basket blk wheels

There’s no need to feel debilitated or dependent on others when you have a SmartScoot ™. Portable scooters lend a helping hand and offer the freedom to go wherever you’d like.

Whether it’s shopping for groceries or strolling around the neighborhood, navigating airports or waiting in lines, portable scooters are for anyone who wants to continue leading an active lifestyle while coping with a mobility challenge.

Smart Scoot ™ is easy to use, fold, transport and store. Weighing about 40 pounds when fully assembled, it can break down into smaller, lightweight parts. The Fold n’ Lock™ technology makes it easy to collapse into two positions without tools and fit into almost any vehicle trunk.

That means you can take it anywhere. And its 36-volt lithium-ion battery ensures you can go a long way, 12 miles, on a single charge.

The SmartScoot ™ accommodates almost any body with a handful of adjustable features, including seat, steering column and rear wheels. All of the driving features of the SmartScoot ™ are right at your fingertips, allowing you to set three different speed options for a comfortable pace.

There are also added features to help you with daily activities. A collapsible and removable front basket fits on the handlebars, making SmartScoot ™ a great tool for carrying groceries or other items. If your plans include air travel, a removable luggage bar can help you transport a wheeled carry-on bag through the airport.
With all these mobility functions, portable scooters ensure you stay on your A game while staying off your feet.