Your Power Scooter – An Important Buying Decision

Choosing a power scooter is an important buying decision. You need to consider your needs – what will it be used for primarily? Do you travel often? Are there narrow entryways in your house or apartment building?

You also need to consider various brands and their features – what is really important to have in a power scooter? Do you want a three wheeled scooter that is lightweight? Is it important that the scooter is foldable for easy storage? What features are important in a scooter battery?

With all these questions and options, choosing a power scooter can seem overwhelming. Here are a some important things to consider:

Where can mobile scooters go?

If you choose the right mobile scooter – almost anywhere. Many people enjoy travel. You may like flying to exotic destinations or taking a relaxing cruise. You do not have to let a mobility difficulty repress your desire to see the world. SmartScoot™ mobile scooters are designed with travel in mind.

SmartScoot™ meets all FAA regulations for air travel with mobile scooters, and even comes with a power scooter battery compliance certificate to show to airline officials for a smooth travel experience.

When you are flying or cruising, the width and storage size of a power scooter becomes more important than at home. SmartScoot™ is foldable, allowing easy storage in a cruise cabin with limited space. Another concern when taking mobile scooters on a cruise is width. It is important you know the maximum width of the scooter you choose to purchase and ensure it can pass through the entryways of the ship you prefer to travel on.

Features – Power Scooter Battery; Weight; Storage

Batteries are a key feature when choosing mobile scooters. SmartScoot™ utilizes high-density lithium-ion batteries with 7 times the power per pound of the traditional lead-acid batteries found in many scooters – delivering 12 miles of scooter range per charge.

SmartScoot™ also delivers a lightweight package, weighing in at 39.5 pounds. When disassembled easily into 3 pieces, the heaviest piece only weighs 27 pounds total. In addition, the SmartScoot™ power scooter can be folded down for quick and easy storage.

The full specifications sheet on SmartScoot™ can be found here.