SmartScoot™ is made for cruising

As vaccinations increase, so does the anticipation for travel. Cruise travel is expected to fully pick back up by November 2021 and luckily with SmartScoot’s innovative design, you’ll be able to get the most out of your next cruise adventure. So if soaking up the sun on a cruise is on your winter to-do list, here are a few ways the SmartScoot can enhance your experience!

Thanks to SmartScoot’s lightweight design and foldable technology, boarding and participating in all cruise excursions has never been easier. When fully assembled, the SmartScoot weighs less than 40 pounds, making it easy for those of various strength levels to transport the scooter as needed seamlessly. Mobility should be the least of your worries on vacation, and the SmartScoot ideal for adapting to a variety of cruise settings. SmartScoot can fold into a neat compact shape, unlike fixed scooters, making storage onboard easier and the overall travel experience less of a hassle. Cruises are notoriously jam-packed and feature many sharp corners and narrow corridors on board. The tight turning radius and 22-inch-wide design of SmartScoot are ideal for fitting in those tight doorways and make navigating a cruise trouble-free.

With SmartScoot being one of the longer-lasting scooters on the market, this is the perfect solution for those who plan to partake in everything a cruise line has to offer. You can expect to get about 12 hours of ride time from a single charge. Due to the efficient battery and variable speed controls, SmartScoot’s speed ranges from 3 mph to 7 mph, making it versatile for all settings. The range of speed offered will allow you to comfortably stroll along the cruise ship promenade and even keep up with children. 

Whether it’s a full day of sightseeing or relaxing onboard, SmartScoot is made to give you the freedom to enjoy all cruise activities. Many of us are looking forward to cruises getting back into full swing this year! Make sure you’re ready to enjoy any excursion with the lightweight, folding SmartScoot mobility scooter.