SmartScoot™ Mobility Scooter | Stability Outdoors Gives You Back Your Freedom

A lightweight mobility scooter is key for many people to maintain the lifestyle they love when dealing with a mobility issue. The width and storage size of a power scooter is an important feature, determining how easy it is to fit into a car or on a plane. SmartScoot™ is foldable, allowing easy storage, and lightweight, weighing in at 39.5 pounds. When disassembled easily into 3 pieces, the heaviest piece only weighs 27 pounds total. (The full specifications sheet on SmartScoot™ can be found here.)

Electric scooters for adults come in various sizes and configurations. A power scooter that is designed for anytime/anywhere use must be both versatile and dependable. The scooter battery should carry enough charge for extended use. A three-wheeled scooter design must take stability into account, with adjustable rear wheel width giving the user the versatility needed. Front-wheel drive VS rear-wheel drive is another important design factor to consider.

Jim A in Eau Claire, WI enjoys outdoor activities and sent us these pictures from ADA trails on the SmartScoot™: