Sparking the conversation on Multiple Sclerosis during MS Awareness Month

With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) gaining some media attention due to actress Selma Blair’s first public appearance this past year since receiving her MS diagnosis in 2018, the disease is gaining awareness like never before. 

MS is a disease of the central nervous system that damages or destroys the myelin surrounding the nerves of the CNS, potentially injuring the nerves as well. This damage reduces communication between the brain and nerve pathways, often affecting speech, vision, balance, coordination and mobility. 

Selma Blair spoke for the first time on camera since her diagnosis in an interview with Good Morning America last year, in an attempt to help raise awareness of the disease. You can watch part of her interview here:

Many experts estimate that 2.5 million people have been diagnosed with this disease worldwide, with most people diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 50. MS affects more than 400,000 Americans and researchers are still working to determine both a cause and a cure. 

SmartScoot™ was actually designed by an MS patient that experienced mobility difficulties and was specifically engineered to meet his expectations in a compact, folding scooter. After being diagnosed with MS in his early 30’s, his mobility began to decline over the years to the extent that he had to rely on his wife to push him in a wheelchair. After using a lightweight scooter for a year, he had come up with some ideas on how to improve the design to make a compact, folding scooter that would stand out from the competition. 

He then contacted an engineering colleague and they worked together to create the SmartScoot™ brand of compact folding scooters. They came up with a folding power scooter that is both better for everyday use and is a better travel scooter. In addition to those with MS, SmartScoot™ is perfect for the elderly, veterans, the disabled, sufferers of conditions such as joint pain, osteoarthritis, diabetes, or simply anyone who may need a little extra help getting around. 

Some of our customers who also suffer from MS have been able to continue living their lives to the fullest thanks to SmartScoot™. One of these customers is Brendan S., whose daughter, Molly, shared his story with us in a testimonial. Tim Walker, another MS patient and SmartScoot™ customer, documents his SmartScoot™ adventures with his wife Susan on their travel blog, Hank and Murphy

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