What Makes the SmartScoot ™ so stable?

Folding Mobility Scooter

Like other front-wheel-drive vehicles, the SmartScoot™ travel scooter is designed to ensure stability. As one satisfied customer wrote in an online review: “I find the stability to be better than my previous scooter. My previous scooter was rear wheel drive where this one is front wheel drive. On a slope, the front wheel is pulling you the direction you are going rather than the rear wheel pushing and the front wheel trying to steer with no power.”

In addition, the rear wheels on this travel scooter are adjustable for width, allowing for up to 4 extra inches, the reviewer noted. “You can even space one wheel farther from center than the other if the slope is one you encounter often. Obviously the wider you space the wheels apart, the more stable it is. With a single 2-inch center bar, it is easy to drag your feet along the ground, like balancing yourself on a bike, on a slope that really concerns you.”

The steering column, seat and backrest are also adjustable. Many users prefer the narrowest of the three rear wheel settings to allow access through smaller openings or aisles. “I have never felt unstable on it. Regardless, because it is adjustable, you can set it up for however you feel comfortable.”