“I’m 83 years old and I can easily pick it up and put SmartScoot™ in the back of our CRV”

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SmartScoot™ is easy to fold and, most importantly, easy to transport and store. Weighing only 40 pounds when fully assembled, SmartScoot™ can break down into smaller, lighter parts and will comfortably fit into almost any vehicle trunk, allowing you to take it anywhere.

SmartScoot is a compact, folding mobility scooter that can be taken on planes, cruises, out shopping or anywhere else life demands. With the ability to easily disassemble and fold, SmartScoot is easy to carry in the trunk of a car or store away at home. Sometimes a little help can go a long way with power scooters. With the SmartScoot™ mobility scooter, tasks that were once a struggle can now become a stress-free part of everyday life.

I’ve owned mine for about a month. I really appreciate it for what it is. I’m 5’10” – 175 lbs and it can feel a little snug but at the same time that is part of its advantage. I’m 83 years old and I can easily pick it up and put it in the back of our CRV without having to take it apart. It’s a bare-boned minimalist scooter and that is its biggest advantage. I’m very happy with the quality.

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Bruce P. 02/28/2018