Kim T. – The best mobility solution when compared to other brands of mobility scooters

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SmartScoot™ mobility scooter is the best mobility solution when compared to other brands of mobility scooters. SmartScoot weighs in at 39 pounds and quickly disassembles to three pieces (the heaviest piece weighs 27lbs). The SmartScoot™ leverages a 4lb li-ion scooter battery with up to 12 miles of range to SmartScoot™ mobile scooters while complying with FAA regulations for air travel, other brands use heavy lead-acid batteries that are hard to install or remove. The adjustable speed settings (including a 7mph top speed) allow versatility on all terrain and the front wheel drive mechanism ensures stability when climbing hills. SmartScoot is the ideal scooter for people who love to travel and explore or simply want to be able to continue everyday activities that require mobility.

Kim T. purchased a SmartScoot after comparing it to other mobility scooters:

We love the SmartScoot. It’s been able to bring back the fun in our days and has been a big help to our daily lives.

After all the searches and comparisons of different mobility scooters, I was so relieved by making the right choice and buying the SmartScoot. The SmartScoot has all the features which I was looking for. I needed to buy a scooter that was light enough for me, a 70 year old lady with a small frame, to lift into a mid-size car trunk. Yet, the scooter needed to be strong enough to carry a not too small rider.

Now, we can go strolling the parks, museums and shopping malls again. We will take it to the next cruise we take as well. After four hours of slow speed ride in the San Francisco Zoo, I checked the battery charge, only 1/4 of the power was used! What a long lasting battery charge!

By the way, this company gave me very good customer service. Ms. Pam Kaloustian with SmartScoot is a very friendly lady and gave me very good help.” – Kim T.

Kim T. 09/13/2017