SmartScoot™ mobility scooter helps Dave T. enjoy the sights at museums.

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SmartScoot™ is the foldable mobility scooter that was designed to help people with mobility difficulties continue to live an active lifestyle. Traveling, shopping and spending time with family often require the ability to walk long distances. If circumstances make walking long distances difficult, keeping up with life’s daily activities can be tough. SmartScoot makes getting back to every-day activities possible:

Just let me say that your service in such a short window was really appreciated. Everything got here on time and as advertised. By not securing the seat to the rest of the unit made setup time seconds not minutes. I have for years not enjoyed trips to museums but with the SmartScoot I was going around every exhibit taking as much time as needed. No problem finding a seat to view Old Faithful. It was so small you can take it into the restroom without hitting people in the ankles. I was able to fold it up and put it in the back of my Honda Ridgeline along with all our other bags and stuff with no problem.

Thank you again for all your help and your company for making such a useful scooter.

– Dave T.

Dave T. 02/27/2018