SmartScoot™ helps Randy remain productive and rely less on others

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With adjustable wheel width and the ability to fold down, SmartScoot™ is an adaptable mobility scooter that can handle the rigorous daily duties of shopping for groceries or going to the mall as well as traveling the world by plane or cruise-ship. The adjustable speed settings (including a 7mph top speed) allow versatility on all terrain and the front wheel drive mechanism ensures stability when climbing hills. The SmartScoot mobility scooter is the mobility solution for people who have active lifestyles.
The SmartScoot made it possible for me to return to work after 6 days. I ruptured my Achilles tendon in an unfortunate accident. I was told that I would need surgery rather rapidly and my recovery would include 3 weeks of wearing a non-weight bearing cast followed by 3 more weeks of wearing a weight bearing cast. The cast was removed after 6 weeks at which point I was ambulating in a walking boot for the next 6 weeks. Now I am pain-free, walking well, participating in almost all of my usual activities. I would not have been able to accomplish all that was done without the use of the SmartScoot. This lightweight battery operated scooter made it possible for me to return to work after just 6 days. I am a physician and as such, I am required to be on my feet much of the day. The compact size of the SmartScoot ™ made it possible for me to navigate through the hallways and exam rooms in my office. I was also able to use the scooter in the hospital where I am required to cover much larger distances.
At some point during my recovery, I was able to ambulate well in the office but still needed the scooter to be able to perform my daily duties while in the hospital. The scooter weighs only 39.5 pounds and was easily stored in the trunk of my car. I found it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and I felt completely safe while riding it. The battery life was never an issue even when using it for hours at a time. Recovering from surgery is never easy. I found that my recovery was made much easier by the fact that I was able to return to my daily activities in a very timely manner. Remaining productive and relying less on others was an essential ingredient to a rapid recovery. I could not have done that without the SmartScoot.

Randy 03/09/2015