By Far, the Best of its Type

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I’ve owned the SmartScoot™ since August 2015 and I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. I had thoroughly researched lightweight mobility scooters and feel that the SmartScoot™ is, by far, the best of its type. The SmartScoot™ excels in a number of areas.
Ease of Travelling
Travelling with the SmartScoot™ has been easy. As mentioned in several articles, the scooter can be ridden to TSA checkpoints, cleared, and then on to the boarding gate. Most airlines allow the scooter to be driven down the jetway and parked and the Lithium Ion battery removed to be carried on. I have folded the steering wheel under the seat and fold the seat down. In this configuration, no parts other than the battery need to be removed for airline travel. Baggage personnel then carry the scooter from the jetway and place it with the luggage in the bag well. Most all airline and airport personnel are familiar with small scooters and battery handling requirements and understand that the SmartScoot™ complies with UN PT. III Section 38.3 requirements. Most airlines publish online specifications for baggage door dimensions and even most commuter planes are large enough to accept the scooter in its folded configuration. The scooter comes with a luggage rack for carry-on bags and a foldable basket for miscellaneous items.
Some of the scooters advertise a top speed of approximately 3.7 miles per hour, which is about the speed of most grocery store scooters and is barely walking speed. The SmartScoot™ provides the ability to select one of 3 speeds and has a top speed of approximately 7 miles per hour. This is a very important feature when traveling long distances or getting around a store quickly.
The SmartScoot™ weighs less than 40 pounds with all the parts, including the seat and battery, aboard. This light weight allows for easy transport of the scooter in a van or in the trunk of most mid-size cars. On a recent trip to Phoenix the scooter fit easily into a Nissan Altima rental car.
Single tube coupling of front and rear wheels
SmartScoot™ uses a single sturdy center tube to join the front wheel carriage to the rear wheel carriage. Other scooters utilize two lighter weight tubes running from the front to the back. The single tube design allows the driver to place their feet on the ground directly below the seat. While SmartScoot™ does have a reverse switch it is also desirable to be able to use your feet to manually move the scooter small distances forward, back and sideways. The ability to use your feet is a great benefit when maneuvering in small places.
Turning radius
The SmartScoot™ is very maneuverable under power with a turning radius approximately equal to the overall length of the scooter. As such, it easily reverses direction in an area smaller than the typical grocery aisle.
While researching travel scooters, I had noticed that a number of people commented about the need for increased braking power with some scooters. However, I have found the brakes of the SmartScoot™ to be fully adequate. The SmartScoot™ brakes are adjustable and therefore can be set to match the weight of the rider, commonly encountered inclines and the speed at which the scooter is driven.
Rear wheel vs. front wheel drive
The SmartScoot™ utilizes front-wheel drive. While rear-wheel drive may benefit from the increased traction provided by the weight of the rider positioned directly over the wheels, I have not had any significant problem with SmartScoot™’s stable front-wheel-drive configuration.
The rear wheel width is adjustable, providing high stability at its maximum width and reasonable stability at its minimum width. The ability to reduce the width provides for easy access to narrow areas. At its minimum setting, the SmartScoot™ fits through shipboard stateroom doors. Many other scooters must be parked in common areas, away from stateroom entrances.
Manufacturer credibility
It was reassuring to know that these folks stand behind their product. My SmartScoot™ was delivered with the horn not functioning. One call to the manufacturer, Innovative Mobility, resulted in an offer to return the scooter at their expense or to send replacement parts. I opted to have them send me the parts and they also sent detailed instructions to easily perform the repair. There was one other problem about 7 months ago and that too was handled promptly. I believe that Innovative Mobility is a credible company, run by honest people.
SmartScoot™ mobility scooter is the mobility solution for people who have active lifestyles. With adjustable wheel width and the ability to fold down, SmartScoot is an adaptable mobility scooter that can handle the rigorous daily duties of shopping for groceries or going to the mall as well as traveling the world by plane or cruise-ship. The adjustable speed settings (including a 7mph top speed) allow versatility on all terrain. Contact us for more information.

Dick 06/06/2016