SmartScoot travel scooter helps Karla E. maintain mobility

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When facing a mobility difficulty, it is important to have a compact, folding travel scooter that you can easily take where it needs to go and use with agility and speed. A lightweight, folding travel scooter needs to be both simple to fold and light enough to easily stow in a car. SmartScoot is a lightweight, folding travel scooter that helps Karla E. get around the mall and other daily activities.

It is taking a little getting used to but I have used it three times now and I am VERY happy with this scooter. I am able to lift the folded base into my trunk. I have MS and have been unable to walk long distances now for quite a few years. I have a cane and walker but those don’t work for “going to the mall” or going shopping in an outing. I feel like a kid again. ‘Speed 1’ is a bit too slow and ‘Speed 2’ is a bit too fast. Only will use on the freeway with ‘Speed 3’ and very carefully at that. The wind blows through my hair! Be sure not to “stop” in the middle of a busy sidewalk as you are getting used to it. It confuses and upsets the people behind you!

– Karla E.

Karla E. 02/27/2018