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My SmartScoot™ has allowed me to start “living” again!

It’s given me HOPE for a better future, unlike any treatment, doctor or medicine ever has.  I’m chronically ill and disabled…even bedridden at times.  No other mobility scooter comes close to the SmartScoot™.  And it’s the only one that I can break down, fit in my sedan trunk and I can actually lift the pieces.  Other scooters may have similar low weights of their heaviest piece, but those I absolutely couldn’t lift.  I could go on and on.  It’s well worth every penny!


Julie Godnik and Zoey image

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Julie G. 03/03/2015

SmartScoot ™ accommodates all sizes.

I am 6’6″ and 300 lbs and I love my SmartScoot™. Very easy to drive and seat is very comfortable. I am a basketball coach and have spent most of the past 4 months sitting on my SmartScoot™. I have been wearing a crow boot for 6 months, my ankle requires major surgery and the SmartScoot™ has allowed me to coach through my season. I was able to travel with my team to the Bahamas, Texas, and Nashville to participate in tournaments.  It made getting through the airport so easy, just drove right to the gate and down the ramp to the plane. When we landed and I stepped off the plane my SmartScoot™ was right there waiting for me.


SmartScoot™ has made my life so easy allowing me to delay my surgery. I will really depend on my SmartScoot™ post surgery as I will have a long recovery. SmartScoot™ folds up easy, very light, 3 speeds and great customer service. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is in the market for a scooter.

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Gary D. 03/08/2015

Remaining productive and relying less on others

Made it possible for me to return to work after 6 days. I ruptured my Achilles tendon in an unfortunate accident. I was told that I would need surgery rather rapidly and my recovery would include 3 weeks of wearing a non-weight bearing cast followed by 3 more weeks of wearing a weight bearing cast. The cast was removed after 6 weeks at which point I was ambulating in a walking boot for the next 6 weeks. Now I am pain-free, walking well, participating in almost all of my usual activities. I would not have been able to accomplish all that was done without the use of the SmartScoot ™. This light weight battery operated scooter made it possible for me to return to work after just 6 days. I am a physician and as such, I am required to be on my feet much of the day. The compact size of the SmartScoot ™ made it possible for me to navigate through the hallways and exam rooms in my office. I was also able to use the scooter in the hospital where I am required to cover much larger distances.


At some point during my recovery, I was able to ambulate well in the office but still needed the scooter to be able to perform my daily duties while in the hospital. The scooter weighs only 39.5 pounds and was easily stored in trunk of my car. I found it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and I felt completely safe while riding it . The battery life was never an issue even when using it for hours at a time. Recovering from surgery is never easy. I found that my recovery was made much easier by the fact that I was able to return to my daily activities in a very timely manner. Remaining productive and relying less on others was an essential ingredient to a rapid recovery. I could not have done that without the SmartScoot ™.

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Randy 03/09/2015

“The SmartScoot ™ travel scooter is so stable!”

I find the stability to be better than my previous scooter. My previous scooter was rear wheel drive where this one is front wheel drive. On a slope, the front wheel is pulling you the direction you are going rather than the rear wheel pushing and the front wheel trying to steer with no power.


You can even space one wheel farther from center than the other if the slope is one you encounter often. Obviously the wider you space the wheels apart, the more stable it is. With a single 2-inch center bar, it is easy to drag your feet along the ground, like balancing yourself on a bike, on a slope that really concerns you.  I have never felt unstable on it. Regardless, because it is adjustable, you can set it up for however you feel comfortable.

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Anonymous 03/13/2015

It made getting through the airport a breeze

I took my SmartScoot ™ on vacation with the family. It made getting through the airport a breeze. Just drove to the gate and up the ramp to the plane. Very impressed.

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Pete 11/27/2015

Test Drive

First, I have to say that I was very impressed with how solid it is. I’ve become accustomed to the cheap quality of most goods from China, but this scooter looks and feels like it is very well made with very good quality materials. In addition to this boding well for its long-term use, it’s should hold up well if an airline won’t let you take it in the passenger cabin. (One user recommends labeling the part that should be picked up to prevent loaders from breaking something.) That said, it folds down and comes apart easily, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to put it in the cabin’s overhead bin or up front near the flight attendants.


Other things I liked about the scooter:


1. The seat is fairly substantial and more comfortable than a smaller seat.


2. The backrest is adjustable and comfortable. It removes easily for transport or if you don’t need it. The scooter is lighter if you don’t require the backrest.


3. The controls are straightforward and easy to use. It responds very quickly as soon as you depress the throttle.


4. The footrests are definitely more comfortable than pegs. In my case, that’s very important because I have ankle pain. The footrests give me good, stable support at an angle that allows the joint to be in neutral position. Taking the scooter on excursions where I’d be riding for longer periods of time will make this feature very important.


5. I love going faster than 4 mph. While it does slower speeds for a cruise ship beautifully, I would use it at higher speeds whenever I could. It feels zippy when you drive it and it’s fun.


6. It’s light enough that I can easily put it in my car myself. It breaks down into several pieces if you need it to, but if you only fold down the handlebars with the seat on, it will still fit in most vehicles and is not too heavy.

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Shonya 06/06/2016

By Far, the Best of its Type

I’ve owned the SmartScoot™ since August 2015 and I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. I had thoroughly researched lightweight mobility scooters and feel that the SmartScoot™ is, by far, the best of its type. The SmartScoot™ excels in a number of areas.


Ease of Travelling

Travelling with the SmartScoot™ has been easy.  As mentioned in several articles, the scooter can be ridden to TSA checkpoints, cleared, and then on to the boarding gate.  Most airlines allow the scooter to be driven down the jetway and parked and the Lithium Ion battery removed to be carried-on. I have folded the steering wheel under the seat and fold the seat down.  In this configuration, no parts other than the battery need to be removed for airline travel.  Baggage personnel then carry the scooter from the jetway and place it with the luggage in bag well.  Most all airline and airport personnel are familiar with small scooters and battery handling requirements and understand that the SmartScoot™ complies with UN PT. III Section 38.3 requirements.  Most airlines publish online specifications for baggage door dimensions and even most commuter planes are large enough to accept the scooter in its folded configuration. The scooter comes with a luggage rack for carry-on bags and a foldable basket for miscellaneous items.



Some of the scooters advertise a top speed of approximately 3.7 miles per hour, which is about the speed of most grocery store scooters and is barely walking speed.  The SmartScoot™ provides the ability to select one of 3 speeds and has a top speed of approximately 7 miles per hour.  This is a very important feature when traveling longer distances or getting around a store quickly.



The SmartScoot™ weighs under 40 pounds with all parts, seat and battery, aboard.  This light weight allows for easy transport of the scooter in a van or in the trunk of most mid-size cars.  On a recent trip to Phoenix, the scooter fit easily into a Nissan Altima rental car.


Single tube coupling of front and rear wheels

SmartScoot™ uses a single sturdy center tube to join the front wheel carriage to the rear wheel carriage.  Other scooters utilize two lighter weight tubes running from the front to the back. The single tube design allows the driver to place their feet on the ground directly below the seat.  While SmartScoot™ does have a reverse switch it is also desirable to be able to use your feet to manually move the scooter small distances forward, back and sideways.  The ability to use your feet is a great benefit when maneuvering in small places.


Turning radius

The SmartScoot™ is very maneuverable under power with a turning radius approximately equal to the overall length of the scooter.  As such, it easily reverses direction in an area smaller than the typical grocery aisle.



While researching travel scooters, some contributors commented about the need for increased braking power with some scooters.  However, I have found the brakes of the SmartScoot™ to be fully adequate.  The SmartScoot™ brakes are adjustable and therefore can be set to match the weight of the rider, commonly encountered inclines and the speed at which the scooter is driven.


Rear wheel vs. front wheel drive

The SmartScoot™ utilizes front wheel drive.  While rear wheel drive may benefit from the increased traction provided by the weight of the rider being directly over the wheels, I have not had any significant problem with SmartScoot™’s drive configuration.



The rear wheel width is adjustable providing high stability at its maximum width and reasonable stability at its minimum width.  The ability to reduce the width provides for ease access to narrow areas.  At its minimum setting the SmartScoot™ fits through shipboard stateroom doors.  Many other scooters must be parked in common areas, away from stateroom entrances.


Manufacturer credibility

It was reassuring to know that these folks stand behind their product. My SmartScoot™ was delivered with the horn not functioning.  One call to the manufacturer, Innovative Mobility, resulted in an offer to return the scooter at their expense or to send replacement parts. I opted to have them send me the parts and they also sent detailed instructions to easily perform the repair.  There was one other problem about 7 months ago and that too was handled promptly.  I believe that Innovative Mobility is a credible company, run by honest people.

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Dick 06/06/2016

Great on Airlines and Cruises alike!

When Dick Swain took his first trip by air with his SmartScoot™ mobility scooter, he was surprised how easy it was getting through security and beyond the gate to the end of the jetway. “I thought I’d have more problems with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints, but I had no problem at all. The agents are extremely cooperative in helping the disabled.”  


Since then he’s had similar ease of travel taking his SmartScoot™ mobility scooter on cruises and even on commuter flights within the United States and Canada.


Swain, 74, said he checks an airline’s mobility device requirements online and calls the airline after making a reservation to note he uses a travel scooter.


While in the airport, Swain said he uses the luggage rack on the SmartScoot™ for carry-on baggage, strapped with a bungee cord. At the end of a jetway, he unplugs the SmartScoot™ lithium-ion battery, which weighs about 4 pounds, and places it in his computer case for later stowage under his seat or in the overhead compartment with other carry-ons. He easily folds down the SmartScoot™ and leaves it for baggage handlers to load and be retrieved at the end of the trip.


Cruise travel is equally stress-free when it comes to using the SmartScoot.™  On a Princess Cruises ship, Swain was was able drive his SmartScoot™ through his narrow stateroom door. Meanwhile, other mobility device users had to leave their travel scooters in common areas, which might be a distance from their room, and either walk or use a wheelchair to get to their room, he said.


“The (SmartScoot™) wheels can be set to varying widths. The maximum width provides maximum stability.” But pulling in the wheels allows access through narrow areas like cruise ship doors, he said.


Swain also has used his SmartScoot™ on short excursions to and from the cruise ship.


In addition to maneuvering in tight spaces, Swain’s favorite aspect of his SmartScoot™ compared to other mobility scooter brands is its speed. “I talked to one of the dealers (of a competing brand) and he said it could get up to 4 miles an hour.” That’s the speed of a typical grocery store scooter. With its 3 speeds, the SmartScoot™ has reached 7 miles an hour, Swain said. “It would drive me crazy to have to go grocery store speed.”

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Dick Swain 07/08/2016

Convenient for shopping. I can turn on almost a dime.

Clasina F 2Before she discovered SmartScoot,™ Clasina Field worried about wheeling around in clothing stores and knocking into or tipping over the racks. Not any more. “I do much less damage in shops,” she jokes.


Because the SmartScoot™ has front-wheel drive, Field feels she has much more maneuverability while shopping and traveling. A larger scooter she uses and others she considered buying didn’t have the same tight turning circle as the SmartScoot,™ she says.


“I can get into an elevator, and if it’s not too small, I can do a 360.” In grocery stores, she says she can easily travel down an aisle, do a U-turn and double back around. “It makes it convenient for shopping. I can turn on almost a dime.”


With a type of arthritis that limits her ability to walk, the 65-year-old Canadian needed a lightweight scooter she could handle by herself. “I am annoying independent and I don’t like depending on other people. I like that I can travel by myself” with the SmartScoot™. “I can tackle any obstacle without any help, and that’s wonderful.”


The SmartScoot,™ she finds, fits easily into the trunk of any car, even small rentals. “I can get it up over a curb or up a short flight of stairs. I can collapse it and take it apart. It has very little volume. It’s relatively light to lift. I can put it in the trunk and pack groceries around it…unload and not feel like I’ve exhausted myself”


With her SmartScoot,™ Field has traveled to Cuba, California, Tampa, and a cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver. “It works in all environments.”


Clasina F 3Field previously took a larger scooter on a cruise and had to leave it down the hall, she says. “My other scooter was too big to bring into the cabin with me.” With the SmartScoot,™ Field is able to move around in her cabin and go on excursions at ports of call. “It’s all together easier and more convenient to lift. I got
off the ship at all the locations with no problems.”


At airports, Field says she makes good use of the SmartScoot™ cargo rack and basket. “This scooter carries a bunch. If I travel alone, I may have a carry-on and a purse and maybe some duty free purchases. I can carry it all, at least as much as my bigger scooter. I found I can even put a backpack on the back of the seat.”

The SmartScoot is not a wheelchair and is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  SmartScoot is considered an other power-driven mobility device (OPDMD)
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Clasina F. 07/18/2016

It makes things a lot easier! I can go places on my own if I want to.

Vincent Calhoun was just trying to keep up with his wife and family on vacations when he discovered SmartScoot.™  “I can’t really walk far. I slowed my family. I had to stay in the room and look at the ocean and wish I could go somewhere.”

With walking, lifting and breathing disabilities, the 76-year-old uses a cane and walker to get around. But he says he can only move about 50 feet before having to stop. The SmartScoot™ changed that.

“I got my mobility back. I was once again able to see the sites, go on the elevator, on carpeted hallways. It makes things a lot easier! I can go places on my own if I want to.”

Technical by nature, Calhoun says he chose the SmartScoot™ over other scooters he researched based on its sturdiness, speed and battery power. “Others looked flimsy. The wheels didn’t look sturdy enough.” The SmartScoot™ front-wheel drive also helped Calhoun feel safe traveling downhill or on sidewalks. “Others were unstable. They had too narrow a wheel width and many were not adjustable.”

He was impressed how long a SmartScoot™ battery charge lasts and its three speed-settings. “I drove one for three or four days. We went blocks and blocks. At Tybee Island, I went on up-ramps on the pier. It will zip along. All the others [researched online] were too slow. I wanted to go faster. I think I went 5 or 6 or 7 miles an hour. I thought that was fantastic.

“The thoughtful engineering that went into the structural design of the SmartScoot™ was obvious. For example, the safety snap locking pins that secure the seat into position and that locks the rear wheel axles in place. These are common in aircraft too as adjustable safety fastenings.”

Although the scooter is strong with stainless steel tubing, which he found very easy to clean, it’s also light enough for his wife of 49 years to lift into their car.

Calhoun especially appreciates the SmartScoot™ foldable basket and cane holder. “You can store your cane right on the handlebar stem. There’s a cup holder that holds the cane tip. You bungee the cane to the steering handlebar post; and that makes it pretty easy to get to and handy when you need to get on and off the SmartScoot™.”

He says he plans to use his SmartScoot™ at stores where he usually has to wait to ride an electric cart. “Often electric carts are not available. Using your own SmartScoot™ allows you to be independent and save time.” A stroll around the town square is also on his list of upcoming excursions. “I could take it to the park, on the sidewalks, to get around. I enjoy being out.”

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Vincent C. 07/18/2016