Clasina F 4SmartScoot ™ travel scooter was designed by travelers for travelers. SmartScoot ™ is easy to use, fold, and take on trips. Its market leading top speed (7 mph), short charging time (~1 hour), and range (up to 12 miles) set it apart from the competition, and at its price, make it a great value. All this in a lightweight scooter that can fold in seconds.

SmartScoot ™ makes independent travel possible again. Small luggage can easily be stored on the SmartScoot ™ using the convenient luggage rack, providing cargo space on the front of the scooter or under the seat.

SmartScoot ™ makes getting through the airport a breeze. It can be taken through security all the way to the end of the jetway. Gate check it at the end of the jetway right outside the plane’s door and then it will be waiting for you when you step off the plane at your destination. Just fold the steering column and take the battery and accessories with you as you board the plane.

SmartScoot ™ is also handy for cruises. It makes it a cinch to board the ship, get around the ship, and go on excursions. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver through hallways and into the cabin.

Convenient for shopping. I can turn on almost a dime.

Before she discovered SmartScoot,™ Clasina F. worried about wheeling around in clothing stores and knocking into or tipping over the racks. Not anymore. “I do much less damage in shops,” she jokes. Because the SmartScoot™ has front-wheel drive, Clasina feels she has much more maneuverability while shopping and traveling. A larger scooter she uses and Continue Reading

Clasina F. 07/18/2016

Great on Airlines and Cruises alike!

When Dick S. took his first trip by air with his SmartScoot™ mobility scooter, he was surprised how easy it was getting through security and beyond the gate to the end of the jetway. “I thought I’d have more problems with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints, but I had no problem at all. The agents Continue Reading

Dick S. 07/08/2016

We Are Huge Fans!

When my husband’s MS began progressing, making it harder for him to walk distances, we were afraid that our travels would have to be curtailed. We discovered mobility scooters and started trying to rent them in the town we were visiting. We had some success, but those scooters were so big that getting them in Continue Reading

Monica S. 01/04/2017

It made getting through the airport a breeze

I took my SmartScoot ™ on vacation with the family. It made getting through the airport a breeze. Just drove to the gate and up the ramp to the plane. Very impressed.

Pete 11/27/2015

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