SmartScoot™ travel scooter is a compact scooter that performs like a full-size powerchair. SmartScoot™ is designed by travelers for travelers. Easy to use, fold, and take on trips, its market-leading top speed (7 mph), short charging time (~1 hour), and range (up to 12 miles) set it apart from competing folding scooters. At its price, SmartScoot™ is a great value for a compact scooter or powerchair. SmartScoot™ mobility products deliver strength and stability in a lightweight scooter that can fold in seconds.

SmartScoot™ makes independent travel possible again with full-size folding scooters. Small luggage can easily be stored on the SmartScoot™ using the convenient luggage rack, providing cargo space on the front of the scooter or under the seat.

SmartScoot™ makes getting through the airport a breeze. It can be taken through security all the way to the end of the jetway. Gate check your lightweight scooter at the end of the jetway, right outside the plane’s door. Fold the steering column and take the lithium-ion battery and any accessories with you as you board the plane. When you step off the plane at your destination your compact folding scooter will be waiting for you.

SmartScoot™ is also handy for cruises. It makes it a cinch to board the ship, get around the ship, and go on excursions because of a tight turning radius, adjustable top speed and full weight capacity in a compact scooter design. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver through hallways and into the cabin.

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